How to Making more Gold in ArcheAge Unchained

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Although you can farm Archeage Unchained Gold , but not everyone has the time to play ArcheAge Unchained constantly and keep themselves stocked with a steady supply of gold.

ArcheAge Unchained Gold is the important currency of this gameplay, which can make this MMO World run. Although you can farm Archeage Unchained Gold , but not everyone has the time to play ArcheAge Unchained constantly and keep themselves stocked with a steady supply of gold.

Labor-Based Methods

These methods all require Labor Points, which means that they have an upper limit of how much daily Gold you can actually make with them. Most of the moneymaking methods fall into this category, as making a profit in Archeage Unchained is closely associated with labor-based activities.

Opening Coin Purses

You can easily convert your Labor Points into Gold by using Larceny to open Coin Purses. This is one of, if not the fastest, ways of making (some) Gold in Archeage Unchained, but it is not too efficient. To make the most out of this method, you will have to max your Larceny* - Famed proficiency gives you a 40% Labor cost discount, which translates to ~40% higher overall profits with this method (unsurprisingly as this will raise your silver per labor ratio by 40%).


There are two main kinds of fishing in Archeage Unchained: Bait Fishing and Sports Fishing; this part of the guide will focus on the latter as it is the one that is actually extremely profitable. Sports Fishing is divided into the following subtypes:

Fresh Water Sports Fishing - Requires Sports Fishing Lure (lasts 2 hours), at least a basic Fishing Rod, and Chum. As the name suggests, it involves bodies of fresh water (lakes, rivers, ponds, etc.).

Salt Water Sports Fishing - Requires Sports Fishing Lure (lasts 2 hours), at least a basic Fishing Rod, Chum Bucket*, and at least a Rowboat, but Clipper is recommended. As the name suggests, it involves bodies of saltwater (oceans and seas).

Baobab Fruit Harvesting

Owning a Land in Archeage Unchained opens up some interesting Gold making possibilities for both hardcore and casual players. This method is suited for the latter, as it is very easy and very quick, but it is also not efficient, which means that if you have time to invest, you should skip it in favor of more profitable activities.

The order of business here is extremely simple:

Get a piece of Land (even an 8x8 Farm will do, but bigger is preferable - 16x16 is perfect for this; Baobabs like Arid Zones)

Buy Baobab Tree Saplings (they can be purchased for 225 Vocation Badges each)

Fill every available spot with Baobab Trees

Wait for the Trees to produce Fruits (Saplings turn into fully grown Trees in about 1 day (26 hours), and Fruits regrow every 14 hours and 18 minutes; if you plant them in an Arid Zone, they will produce fruits every ~10 hours, which will increase your profits*).

Harvest the Fruits (this should take just a few minutes, depending on your Land's size) and re-plant all Baobabs that died in the process of harvesting.

Vendor the Fruits (yes, vendor - Baobab Fruits have a good NPC merchant sale price - this is what makes them great for this method)

Resource Gathering

Collecting raw resources and selling them on the Auction House can be a great way of making a profit if you know which resources are in high demand at a given point. There are three Gathering Professions that you want to take a look at:

Gathering - allows you to collect flowers and herbs needed for Alchemy.

Logging - allows you to chop trees and gather logs needed for Carpentry. Logging is the most effective if you own a Land and harvest your own, previously planted, Trees.

Mining - allows you to mine stone and ore. Stone is needed for Masonry and Ores are used by Metalworkers to smelt ingots.


Services of skilled artisans are always in high demand, especially in Archeage Unchained, where not everybody has time, dedication, or resources to max out Crafting Professions. Professions, like Cooking and Alchemy, are the typical long-term investments; leveling them up requires some patience and a lot of Gold, but after you reach Famed proficiency, the money will start to flow into your pockets - all you have to do is analyze which Items, that you can craft, are currently in high demand, make them, and post them on the Auction House. The two above-mentioned professions (Cooking and Alchemy) are the best for this as they create Consumables and Consumables are in high demand constantly. Potions, like Kraken's Might, and food, like high-level Sandwiches, are the way to go. The demand for them should be high enough to warrant using Auction House as the only source of materials.

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