Smart Ways To Use BBQ Grill Mat

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Turn your food as needed using utensils that won’t scratch the mat. Don’t use anything on a grill mat that you wouldn’t use on nonstick cookware

The grill mat is an essential accessory for the best grilling experience. It provides a wide range of crystal-clear benefits that few alternatives can compare.

Another way to keep your grill mat safe and functional is to minimize the amount of friction used on the surface. Vigorous activity will weaken the material. Depending on what kind of tools you use, it could also create scratches in the surface, which is both unappetizing and unattractive.

To begin with, never use metal utensils on nonstick cookware. If you don’t already own a supply of wooden or plastic utensils, it’s a good idea to pick up a few when you’re shopping for the grill mat itself. Rubber is also an option, but note that it should only be used when grilling at low temperatures.

For stir-fries and smaller ingredients, we would recommend using tongs to stir and flip the food, rather than spatulas or spoons. The grill mat’s flat surface can make it difficult to keep the ingredients from spilling over the edge. If you do opt to use a spoon, try to find one with rounded edges.

Although it’s important to keep the ingredients moving, you should attempt to disturb the cooking surface as little as possible. This will reduce friction and help maintain the integrity of the material.


Always clean a BBQ Grill Mesh Mat before use, including when you first remove it from the packaging. Most mats can be cleaned with soap and water but just like nonstick cookware, don’t use abrasive soaps or scrubbers. This will scratch and damage the nonstick surface.


Adjust your grill so that the mat won’t come into direct contact with the flames. Also, most mats can withstand temperatures of 500 degrees but not more than that.


Preheat your grill to a low or medium heat. Once the grill’s at temperature, place the mat on top of the grates.


Turn your food as needed using utensils that won’t scratch the mat. Don’t use anything on a grill mat that you wouldn’t use on nonstick cookware.

Grilling Pizzas

We don’t have A/C in our house, so when it really heats up in the summer, anything that heats up the house is off limits. The main offender is the stove and oven, which tends to limit my options for making dinner.

But with a couple of grill mats, I can use our grill in the backyard to cook almost anything that I would cook in the oven or on the stove, including homemade pizza! Just roll out the dough, toss it on the grill mat, and cook it on one side until you start to see grill marks. Then flip the dough, add your sauce, cheese, and toppings, and cook until the dough is done and the cheese has melted. A delicious dinner without heating up the house!

Grilled Breakfast

When I think about grilling, I’m usually thinking about dinner. But with a grill mat, you can whip up a deluxe breakfast in your backyard! This is a great way to enjoy the cool morning hours before it gets too hot out.

You can make eggs, bacon, and even pancakes with the help of your grill mat. For eggs and pancakes, make sure to use a non-stick spray or melt some butter over the surface first. The mats are pretty non-stick on their own, but eggs and pancakes need a bit of extra encouragement to keep them from sticking!

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