Factors Help You Choosing the Right Adjustable Height Desk

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This is again a question of available space and your work preferences. Adjustable desks and tables come in many different sizes and shapes

After reading the mountain of evidence that shows how terrible prolonged sitting is for your health, you’ve officially jumped on the Contuo Adjustable Table . So now what? There are dozens of different standing desks on the market. We developed this guide to choosing the right one for your unique situation. It breaks out the most important questions to ask yourself before investing in any sit-stand desk.

Desk Depth

Don't skimp on desk depth, meaning the front-to-back tabletop distance as you face the desk. Most desks are available with at least a 30” depth, which is adequate for most users. Anything less will force the monitor closer to the user, which may impact visual preferences and capabilities, potentially reducing visual performance and inviting eye strain or discomfort.

Desk Width

This is again a question of available space and your work preferences. Adjustable desks and tables come in many different sizes and shapes, including L-shapes, so pick the best option for your work habits and needs.

Power. Make sure if you choose a height adjustable desk that requires power that you have easy access to electricity.

Leg fatigue. One common complaint from people using sit-stand desks is that they get tired standing. Some strategies include; wearing supportive shoes, adding a riser to support one foot while standing, adding a gel mat and encouraging people to slowly build up their tolerance by incrementally adding to the time they stand.

Weight. Each desk has its own weight restrictions, make sure the desk can handle your equipment.

Programmability. Some desks are easily programmed to different settings making them super easy to set the proper ergonomics every time.

Functionality: Does the desk provide the functionality it assures? Can it put up tool rails, lighting, or discretion screens? If the responses are favorable, then you should give some thought to that desk. As a sit-stand desk owner, you will obviously be most concerned about how the desk completes the functions it is meant to do.

And of course, lastly you have to consider pricing which can vary dramatically within the height adjustable desk category. The best course of action is to balance functionality using the above factors with your office roll out strategy.

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